Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Love (Musings 1)

We floated along,
In a boat,
Karma leaking out
Through a hole in the bottom.

The sea of life was calm,
And the salt
Had a funny effect
On your otherwise perfect hair.

No 'love you's were whispered,
No rings exchanged,
You needed me, maybe
To steer the boat,
For you feared the water.

The lighthouse
Cast an eerie glow,
The darkness lit up
By your memories of him,
The liquor kept you half asleep,
And the sirens' songs
(Too subtle for your ears perhaps?)
Kept me company.

No food we had
And the one or two sloppy kisses
You threw my way,
Made me greedy,
(Memories of the shore methinks!)

We reached the island
Called Family,
Man, woman, child
(And all the circus besides!)
The fanfare and cacophony,
And a cheer
That almost deafened me!
So quietly, I left you,
Stole away in my boat,
(Karma by now
Emptied out almost)
And proceeded towards
"Canoe in the Rapids" - Winslow Homer

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